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The Massage & Spa Success Biz Academy’s 30 online classes and webinars, 8 ebooks, and mastermind group with like-minded therapists to help you up your massage business game is waiting for you! There’s no time like the present to get starting on building your dream business. Log in now!


Massage Marketing and Spa & Skincare Content Clubs

Marketing content done for you and ready to go each month so you can concentrate on what you do best: services. Log in to collect your 15+ social media images, newsletter articles, ads, healthy recipes, stretches, spa recipes, fun facts, health tips, and bonus marketing tutorials. It’s time to take over the world!

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Gael Wood, massage marketeer and entrepeneur

A Message from Gael

Hi I’m Gael! I help massage and spa therapists find and keep clients and learn profitable new services while earning CEUs. I hope through my website, writing, and teaching that I can share my experiences with other professionals and offer some guidance to those interested in learning. I’m glad you’re here!

Gael has put together an amazing amount of information for massage therapists Whether you’re just starting out (like I was), or whether you’ve been in the industry a while, this membership is a fantastic resource. I’m a mobile massage therapist in Melbourne, Australia, and I started my business in July 2015. When I started out I often had days with absolutely no bookings and I felt stuck and overwhelmed with where to start building my business. My Massage Spa Success Membership helped me get out of my slump and back on track, with a growing client base who rebook! The courses cover all aspects of marketing, social media, planning, extra services, gift vouchers, how to attract clients and how to keep them. Every day there is something new to implement, and this stuff is so practical. The Facebook group is a huge resource too, a supportive, friendly group with so much knowledge to share with each other. It’s nice to know we’re not alone! –Zoe Nicholson, Indigo Sea Massage Therapy