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6 quick tips for getting the most out of your print advertising.

Print Ads can be a great way to get your name out, build brand recognition, and position yourself as a “real” massage business.

1. Print ads can be expensive so, research what local publications are available. A quarterly magazine might be a better option than a daily or weekly paper. Find out how many are printed, and where they will go.

2. Ad rates are negotiable! You might want to call around and see who will work within your budget. Also rates will usually go down if you make a year long commitment.

3. If you are on a tight budget see if your ad can be paid for with services of equal value, for the salesperson or staff.

5. Research and design ads that work. Just because a publication offers free (or included) ad layout, does not mean they are any good at it. Have a call to action and an offer you can track. ALWAYS ask new clients how they heard about your services.

6. Track your return on investment, if the clients aren’t calling spend your $ elsewhere.

Have a great day! Gael

Any questions or great advice for therapists in business? Post in the comments, and I will get back to you.