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Are you RESISTING Success in your Massage or Spa Business?

Today I wanted to talk to you about some of the ways that we procrastinate or hold ourselves back from success.

These are just some of the little tricks that our mind uses to keep us in our comfort zone. One thing I hear very often from people, for not taking action, is that they have to do more research. “Well, I can’t do my new website because I need to decide what kind of online booking program to use, and so I have to spend the next two or three months doing research on all the different online booking options, so I can pick one, so I can then do my new website.”

Give yourself a time limit. Give yourself two to three hours, one afternoon, to look at your options and pick something. I have massage therapists in my groups and coaching clients, that have been stuck on this point for months. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth holding up your business for several months over a very small price increase or fiddling around looking for a perfect solution. You will make more money and be more successful if you’d just kept moving forward. Either pick a new booking software, and get it installed, and go for it. Or, stick with what’s working for you, and just pay a little bit more money.

It’s one of those things that we can get stuck in for months, the same way with if you want to start a website. There are a lot of choices out there. You could use Wix, you could use Weebly, you could use Squarespace, you could use Massage Book. There’s so many choices, that we get into this state of overwhelm, and just spinning our wheels, because we won’t make a decision. So, it’s procrastination by indecision. And, procrastination leads to not getting where you want to go, making the money you need or building your business!

Sometimes, you just have to just pick, and realize that if you didn’t make the exact right choice, you can always revisit it at a later time. It’s better to have a website, be getting clients in the door, have your presence and your business out there for people to find, then to sit around for six more months with no website because you’re farting around, trying to decide on these little minute details.

At the very worst, you might have some inconvenience if you decide to go with something else later. Either way, you’re a person who takes action, and moves forward, and makes decisions. That will go a long, long way.

The other thing we do is assume things. I hear people saying, “Well, I don’t want to sell gift certificates because I don’t like all the paperwork.” Well, unless you’ve sold gift certificates for a few years, and you really just decided that’s not for you, and make plenty of money without it, then that’s fine. But, if you’re assuming that the gift certificates are a pain in the butt, or some people on a Facebook group said they were, you might as well take $10,000 a year, and go throw it out the window of your car. By making an assumption like that, you’re withholding your good, and keeping your abundance from flowing to you.

Assuming that a membership programs are hard work, or hard to sell, or mean that you have to discount your services significantly….. Or assuming people who come in on gift certificates, or even Groupons are not going to rebook, we can hold ourselves back! What we really need to do is try things ourselves, educate ourselves. There’s always a best or strategic way to do something, and probably a not-so-good way to do something. And, maybe you’re taking Groupon advice from people who were terribly unstrategic about their Groupons or other offers.

I talk to therapists all the time who say, “I built my entire business with Groupon, it was the best thing I ever did. I had a very small marketing budget, and I did my research, and I had a strategy, and I used Groupon to build my business.” It’s kind of like saying, “Well, I went to McDonald’s once, and I ate a hamburger, and now I don’t like hamburgers.” You’ll never try any other hamburger in the entire world, because of that one experience you heard about or had at McDonald’s??

The other one that I wanted to talk about today, is just giving up way too quickly. We are entrepreneurs, because we want to run our own businesses, we want to have that freedom, and that control in our lives of being our own bosses. In order to have that, we can’t be giving up every five minutes!! You can’t do one or two Facebook Live videos, and nobody watches them, and then you say, “Oh, Facebook Live doesn’t work.”

Or, put up a couple of social media posts, and not get much reaction, and say, “Oh, social media doesn’t work.” Try something three months, consistently, before you decide if it works or not. You can’t put your rack cards out in five or 10 places, and then say, “Rack cards don’t work.” That’s not nearly enough of a test. In online marketing, which I do a lot of now, as well, there’s a saying that you don’t have any results from something that hasn’t had 100 people look at it.

Until you’ve had 100 people pick up your rack card, and look at it, then you don’t know if it’s working or not. If you build a website page you want to have 100 visitors go to that website page, before you can know if it’s working or not. You’ve got to get your stuff out there in front of enough people to really be able to test it. If you’re putting out social media posts, and they’re reaching five or 10 people, keep going!


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