Priscilla Davis Success Interview

Priscilla Davis is a massage therapist in California who has owned a successful massage business for over nine years. She has been a member of my Massage and Spa Success Membership and Content Clubs. I caught up with her recently to ask her about her secret to success and discover more about her journey. First of all, I asked Priscilla…


Create Your Marketing Strategy

Are you frustrated with your marketing results? This is so common in our industry, after all we decided to be therapists to HELP people, not spend our time stressing out about bills, becoming marketing experts, clients that don’t respect us or our time, and want discounts or freebies! The last two can actually happen because our marketing is reaching the…


Massage Magazine’s April All Star Gael Wood

I'm excited to share that I am featured this month as Massage Magazine's April All Star! I hope you will check out my article on membership programs here  Read the interview with Karen Menehan here This was a completely unexpected opportunity and honor, that I believe is a direct result of showing up so consistently in my business,…


Creating Spring Specials for Your Massage Therapy, Skincare, or Spa Business

Creating spring specials for your massage therapy, skincare, or spa business As soon as the seasons shift, days get lighter and the temperature rises, spa and massage clients are thinking about the body that’s under the sweater again! Make the most of this with well-crafted spring packages and ideas that are likely to appeal to people who want to give…

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How Rack Cards Can Help Your Massage or Skincare Business Grow

I've had a couple of questions since I started promoting my rack card templates.  Specifically, what is a rack card, and why would I use them? A rack card is basically just a little front and back info sheet for your business. It's kind of like an upgraded business card. A rack card is to get people in your community,…


8 Ideas for Valentine’s Day Massage and Spa Specials

8 Ideas for Valentine's Day Massage and Spa Specials Are you stuck for ideas about how to sell specials to clients on Valentine’s Day? We have some ideas that will help your massage center or day spa get the rep for offering the most wanted Valentine’s gifts and packages in town. These ideas will pretty much sell themselves, and help…

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