10 Massage Therapy Apps You Will Love!

Ten Massage Therapy Apps You Will Love! If you have a cell phone or tablet, you can pretty much organize everything for your massage therapy business from there – from appointments and bookings to payments, training, refresher notes and even music. The only thing your cell phone can’t do is the actual massage…yet! Here’s our go-to list of apps you’ll…

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Chair Massage As A Promotional Tool

Chair Massage As A Promotional Tool In a crowded massage market, we are all looking for ways to promote our businesses and gain new clients. Many massage therapists take their massages out to offices and workplaces, and it’s certainly a great way to gain visibility. But is chair massage really a good way to get repeat business? Do people take…


Enhance your Massage or Spa Business with Feng Shui

Enhance your Massage Business By Feng Shui’ing your Space Guest Post by Patricia Lohan Feng Shui Expert The premise behind Feng Shui is that the ‘chi’ or energy flows with ease into your space.  ‘Chi’ which represents clients and money is the life force of your business. Creating a harmonious space that is magnetic to clients’ starts before the client…