Email Marketing in a Few Easy Steps

Email Marketing in a Few Easy Steps

If you are ready to take the leap into email marketing, check out these tips for getting started.

Email marketing in a few easy steps

If you haven’t yet attempted to use email to market your business, why are you putting it off? It’s one of the easiest ways to do it, and once you have everything automated it’s ready to go with a tweak and the click of a button every time you need it.

Start with a good email platform

So, how do you get started? Well, email marketing has come on a long way since the ‘old’ days, and there are some great tools available to businesses which make sending attractive, useful and even interactive emails easy. The added bonus is that professional software not only looks good, but it’s designed to help your emails avoid the spam filter which often gets triggered if you send a large volume of email from your own email program at once.

Some of the most popular options include Mailchimp and Constant Contact, and they offer a free trial. Check out the options, and the different functions and decide what you need for your own business first. When deciding between them, here are a few things to consider:

  • Design – does it look the way you’d like?
  • Automation – how easy is it to set up and leave?
  • Segmentation – can you split your mailing list into different areas and choose who to send campaigns to?

Think up a good subject line

Now to get started on the actual email campaign. This bit can be tricky – you need to hook your readers in with a punchy subject line that doesn’t get your mail instantly deleted along with the other marketing emails people receive every day.

It might sound strange, but it’s a BAD move to try and entice people to open the email with the words ‘sale’ ‘discount’, or ‘free’. Just don’t do it.

Personalise your subject line (most email software allows you to do this easily) and add a clear subject title that tells your clients EXACTLY why they need to read on. Try to make them curious and want to open the mail. Give them a reason not to just hit delete!

Make the content count

Before you even start writing the email, decide what you want it to do for you. Sell more products? Get more bookings? Give information? Publicize an event?

It sounds obvious, but you must make sure that the body of your email communicates why you’re emailing people, and if you want them to do something – like book an appointment – you need to add a ‘call to action’ asking them to do just that. Make it easy by adding links, book now buttons and more if your email software allows.

Add as much detail as possible and make sure that the mail engages people with a bit of personality. Add a personal touch – an anecdote, some humour – anything that shows your clients they are dealing with a person and not an automated mailing list. People buy from people.

A well-designed email is essential; if it’s badly put together or looks unprofessional, it won’t cut it – and there’s no need for bad marketing email design with all the drag and drop email software available. Spell and grammar check everything. If you aren’t great with words, get a professional to write them for you or at the very least ask someone to proof read before sending. Badly written email copy is a HUGE no-no.

Track your email’s progress

This part takes some tweaking so don’t worry if you feel that you’re not getting it right straight away. Again, email software gives you lots of easy ways to see which of your emails are read, deleted and clicked through, and more importantly by whom.

Recognizing if and when an email is opened helps you see what subject lines are working for you so that you can tweak wording and use great ideas again. If you have a big mailing list, also think about splitting it into sections for different types of customer so that you can target emails about events, products and services you offer into groups and aim them at the people most likely to respond to them.

If this all sounds complicated – the beauty of email marketing is that once you have it set up, and tweaked, you really don’t need to think about anything other than the content of your emails and who to send it to. 🙂

Email marketing works, but I see so many therapists avoiding it because, they “don’t want to bother people”, aren’t sure what to say, aren’t sure how often to email, and get frustrated with the formatting and tech…. It’s time to figure it out and create YOUR unique and in alignment plan to take advantage of this marketing tool and fill your book!

I created an Email Marketing Training Program for massage therapists and estheticians.

It’s yours for FREE when you join the Massage or Spa Marketing Content Club.

The Email Marketing Training Will:

  • Empower you to reach out to your list, and stop leaving money on the table!
  • Help you to become confident and proud of emailing, not afraid to press send
  • Teach you the “tech” so your newsletters take just minutes to create
  • Create a strategy that feel in alignment with your goals and your business
  • Plan 3-6 months of emails and get them scheduled
  • Set up easy to use templates so you aren’t starting from scratch every time!
  • Show you how FUN email marketing can be
  • Get you RESULTS, clients in the door and money in the bank
  • This program is for Content Club Members Only, so click the link below and join us today!

Marketing Your Massage or Skincare Business Just Got Easier!

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Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs from Gael Wood

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