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Fear and Marketing

Fear and Marketing

I was thinking about going live on Facebook today, and I kept putting it off, and putting it off…… I finally had to give myself a little kick in the butt. Am I committed to showing up every day and sharing? Talking to people? Getting to know people and promoting my business? Or am I not committed? That’s really what it kind of comes down to, right?

And then I got stuck again because I have two topics to talk about! which one am I going to talk about if I go live tonight because I should’ve gone live twice, because I have two topics. Duh. I can talk about both. So, the first thing I want to talk to you about is, your marketing activities.

Most of us have a list of options, things we feel like we should be doing. I should be doing video, posting on social media, networking, making awesome marketing materials to put out, creating an amazing website. All THE THINGS we should be doing.

But, what we’re going to do is what we like to do. So, I want you to, try different things and then figure what you like to do the most for your marketing. Focus on that and think about how you can expand on it, and take it up a level.

If you like doing networking events, if you like setting up a table, participating at events, look for more events to do. Don’t feel like you can only do a couple events a year, and then you have to stress yourself out to be on social media if that’s not what you like to do, right?

I had some people in my group say that they really like doing birthday cards for their clients. That’s one of their favorite marketing activities. So how can you expand on that to bring in new clients in? Maybe you could read Eric Brown’s Sixty Clients in Sixty Days, it’s on Amazon. J

He has a whole gift card giving marketing plan where you give out 30 minute massage gift certificates very strategically to your ideal clients. You don’t just give them out crazy to anybody on the street, you give them out very strategically. Then you get those people in your office, and you get them to upgrade. It’s just one of many many options available.

Think of how you can expand leverage and do more of what you like! If you like social media look at the insights that you can see on your page see what kind of posts are working the best, what times of day are best to post, and do more of that. J

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Whatever it is that you enjoy doing is what you’re 100 times more likely to actually do. I really like doing my lives and talking about whatever is on my mind. So, I’ve made a commitment to doing that every single day.

The next thing I wanted to talk to you about is one of the biggest things that keeps us from taking action. It’s our good friend FEAR. Maybe you’re nervous about doing video, maybe you feel like well, I want to do video but first I need to lose 20 pounds, or I can’t do video today cause my hair is a frizzy mess, and I’m not wearing make-up, or whatever it is…..

But here’s the thing, nobody’s afraid of turning on the video camera and talking. We all know how to talk, we all know how to press the button, we’re not afraid of making the video, we’re afraid of how we might feel when that video is out there. We might feel embarrassed, we might not get anybody watching it, and then we might feel like a loser.

And so, what we’re  afraid of  is our feelings and our reactions. But, here’s the cool thing, that’s something we’re in 100% complete control of. So, you’re in control of how you feel about not being viewed by very many people or feeling like you could have done a better video.

It’s up to you whether you want to let that make you feel stupid, or whether you say “that was good, I made an effort, I put myself out there and I made some mistakes, and I’m going to learn from that and try to improve for next time.”

It’s just however you want to look at it. I do lives that get 10 views, or 15 views and I have almost 30,000 people on my page. And then I do lives that sometimes get 300 views or more. Tt just depends on different various factors. But, it’s completely 100% up to me how I want to look at that.

And I know that if I show up each day, and talk about what I believe in, what I’m excited about, what I want to share about marketing, and growing businesses. I know that if I show up every single day it will have an impact overall in the big picture. And, I’ll get better at it!

Think about that for anything that you’re worried about doing, or you’re feeling nervous about, or you have resistance around. It might be asking a client to rebook. We’re not afraid that, that client’s going to say no, we’ve all heard the word no before.

We’re afraid of how that no is going make us feel. We might make us feel bad, it might make us feel like we didn’t do a good job, it might make us question our existence and worthiness, but that’s a choice. You can say, “oh, well that person said no, I’ll ask the next person maybe they’ll say yes.”

It’s completely up to us how we want to react, and how we want to handle things.

Have an amazing day, and just keep going!

Marketing Your Massage or Spa Business Just Got Easier! Check out the Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs!
Massage and Spa Marketing Content Clubs from Gael Wood
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