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Five Great Reasons to Host an Event at Your Massage, Spa, or Skincare Business

Today, I wanted to talk with you about five great reasons to host an event at your massage, spa, or skincare business.

#1 Events are a really effective way to create some buzz about your business.

When you have an event planned, it gives you something to talk about for the weeks leading up to the event, the day of the event, and then even after it. You can continue to share pictures. You can livestream your event. It’s just a really great way to kick up some excitement about your business and to do something unique.

Where I live, I do not see a lot of small businesses having events unless they’re sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. I can’t think of a single spa, massage business, skincare business in my area that has had an event that I know of or that I’ve heard about.

One friend of mine used to do a Black Friday event at her small skincare salon every year, and it was incredibly popular. She would special package deals available on the event day only. People would look forward to it all year, and I think she told me one time that she would normally make over $10,000 from that event.


#2 It will help you to stand out in your community. One thing I always say when I’m talking about marketing is, “Look around at what other people are doing and do something else.”

Do something that’s going to be different, that’s going to help you stand out. You don’t have to have a particular reason to have an event. You could do an open house, you could do a grand opening if you’re new, or you could do something associated with a holiday. Right now would be a great time to start thinking about doing an event for people to come and not only see your business and get to know you better, but to get their Mother’s Day gifts.


#3 Meet new people.

We are in a highly personal business. People want to get massages and facials from somebody that they feel comfortable with. Getting an opportunity to come in and see your place and meet you and get comfortable with you before they’re committing to spending their money is a nice benefit that you can give people. Something you can do when you’re promoting your event is to do something special if they bring a friend. Bring a friend and you each get a gift bag or bring a friend or you each both get a special coupon or offer.


There’s lots of different ways to do that, but it’s a great way to get some new people in the door, especially if you are in any networking groups, even if it’s not an official event through a networking group. They should give you some support and let you reach out to their members. Something to look into is all of the benefits that your networking groups offer. I know a lot of us, we join these groups and then we get really busy and we don’t take full advantage of what we’re paying for being part of that networking group.

#4 Sell your gift certificates and book services.

You might have some event-only specials that people can really get excited about and that they’ll have to purchase at the event. That could be anything that you think of. It could be a gift with purchase. It could be a discount. It could be some added value, some enhancement, something like that. With gift cards, you could do buy a gift for your mom and get a 30-minute service for yourself.

#5 It’s FUN

An event is like having a party at your house. Everybody’s coming to see you and you’re the hostess. You get to show people around and share about what you do, which I’m sure you’re enthusiastic about or you wouldn’t be doing it. It’s a fun way to interact with your clients a little bit differently.

I have hosted some very successful events. I’ve also done some that really flopped and I know what I did wrong. That’s why I’m teaching a new class coming up next Thursday called Successful Mother’s Day Event Planning Workshop

I’ll be getting very detailed into how to do your inviting and how to get people to actually show up for your event. That’s one of the hardest things, and I think that, as wellness professionals, we do tend to be a little more on the introverted side. Sometimes, we don’t put ourselves out there enough, so I’m getting detailed into how to over-invite, how to do your reminders, and how to really get people to show up at your event!

Successful Mother’s Day Event Planning Workshop

Live Workshop Plan Your Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Sales Event! Thursday April 12 at 1pm EST (replay will be sent)

I am so excited to offer this live workshop to help you create a successful sales event. Events are a great way to create a buzz about your business, get new clients in the door, increase your gift certificate sales, build your business with rebooking your gift certificate clients, showcase your business and have fun!

Check out the workshop details and bonuses below! You do not have to attend live a replay will be sent.


Successful Mother’s Day Event Planning Workshop

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