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FREE CEU’s and Education for Massage Therapists


FREE CEU’s and Education for Massage Therapists

I like free stuff. Who doesn’t? But, I have NEVER tried a free CEU class. It hardly seems worth it for one hour of credit, right? I have been that person (more than once) who is scrambling at the last minute to get my ceu’s done. I know I should plan better, and have 4 times the required amount every two years. That is not my reality right now. When my son was 9 months old, I had never left him for a whole day and my hours were due!! Super stressful, I did find a class on December 22 (thanks Gloria Coppola!).

The last renewal I was taking online classes on December 28! There is just never a good time for this busy working mama to get away. Plus it is expensive! Travel, hotels, meals, and the cost of the class adds up. Not to mention missing work.

So that leads me to my current mission, finding free ceu’s, trying them, sharing them, and reviewing them. Also finding other great resources and sharing those. Nothing like learning and filling your cup to prevent burnout and to stay inspired.
Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate and love live hands on classes. This is in addition to those, at home learning just works better for me right now.

Here is what I have found so far.

The Center for Massage Therapy Education is offering 1 free hour in Ethics or HIV, sign up for their newsletter to receive offers like this.

“We would also like to offer you a FREE 1 CE hour online course of your choice in either ethics or HIV. To take the free online course:
1. Choose either the online Ethics Q&A or the HIV/AIDS Universal Precautions. Add the course to your cart. Choose the “Download your course instantly and test online” option.
2. For the ethics course, add the code FREEETHICS at checkout.
3. For the HIV course, add the code FREEHIV at checkout.
4. Complete the checkout process, NO credit card required!”


  • is offering 1 free credit hour, acupressure for headaches.
  • is offering one free credit hour on carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • offers free trial courses.
  • ABMP has hundreds of webinars for members and they offer free one hour credit classes from time ti time for members, so watch your e-mail for those.
  • Oakworks Inc youtube channel has tons of great video resources.

Other deals that look go

These are just resources that I have found, NOT tried, and I know sometimes you get what you pay for! I will be trying these classes and posting my reviews here.