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Going Rogue! What if we could look at every part of our business as part of the journey and enjoy the process?

Going Off-Road or Going Rogue!

This past week, I’ve been on a family trip and managed to get a little sick as well!

We left on Saturday (me and my kiddo) after a quick trip to see Def Lepard and Journey with my cousin! I was starting out exhausted and feeling pretty disorganized….. About 90 minutes into the trip we got on the freeway and back off for some lunch, and I REALLY wasn’t feeling it! I do not like freeway traffic or driving at all. It’s stressful and no fun to me at all. Sitting there at lunch I realize that I have options!

I searched for alternative routes and asked my son if he was ready to “go rogue”! He wasn’t sure, so we flipped a coin, and it was on. We flipped another one to pick out alternate route and we were off.

I set the intention that I would feel energized and relaxed for the day. Being tired for the most part is a choice. We had so much fun! Singing, joking, making silly videos 😜.

I’ve normally looked at the traveling as just “what we have to do” to get to the destination and start having fun. This is so in line with how many people look at marketing, it’s what they “have to do” to get their clients in the door and do the real work!

What if we could change all that and look at every part of our business as part of the journey and decide to take the scenic route and enjoy the process?

It’s a choice to get excited about learning something new (like mailchimp) or to dread it and procrastinate……. Why not plan a few hours a week, order your favorite coffee drink, put on your headphones and jump in there? It’s just as important as what you do in the treatment room. Without these skills, you won’t build a business. Without the Journey, you won’t reach your Destination. Maybe you didn’t go to massage or skincare school to have to learn do much about marketing and business, but it’s part of the trip, so relax set your course and enjoy the ride!

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