How to Find the Time to Grow Your Business and Invest in Yourself!

How to Find the Time to Grow Your Business and Invest in Yourself!

How to find the time to grow your business?

We all know that to grow a business we need to spend time learning and implementing new skills, from marketing to bookkeeping, to getting systems in place. Nobody is born knowing this stuff, and it takes time. The more time you can invest into learning and implementing, the sooner you will be not only reaching but crushing your goals!

Get your peeps on board!

It’s very important to get the people in your life on board with understanding that you need to learn this stuff and you need their support. Growing and changing isn’t always easy, sometimes it can make those closest to us uncomfortable, they might not want us to change! They will adjust, it takes time.  Be sure to let them know how much their support means to you. Asking for input can help them feel like it’s their idea too and you are on the same team.

For example: “Honey, I know we love to eat healthy so that we feel good, but it’s a lot of work for me to cook fresh food every night.  I need some time to focus on my business and take the classes that I spent money on. Do you have any ideas?”. This is a real-life example, we are trying to lose some weight and get healthy, and I suddenly was spending a lot of extra time shopping and cooking. Working together we came up with buying some healthy freezer meals for one or two nights a week, boys cook one night a week, eat out one night a week, and cooking simple but healthy meals. Sometimes it’s time to break habits and patterns that we have fallen into.

Stop doing stuff other people can do

A few things that you might want to consider letting go of. Cleaning up after perfectly capable people, gossip and drama, saying yes to every volunteer opportunity, and being the planner of all things. Right now, as I’m writing this my husband is doing my son’s entire birthday party! Other people can do stuff, but they might not do it exactly how you would, that can be a challenge, but it’s worth it. In the long run you are empowering the people you normally do things for to take care of themselves.

Make it a treat!

Pick a time each week, and schedule in a “learning date” with yourself. Go to a favorite restaurant or coffee shop and treat yourself to something yummy and some uninterrupted learning time. Be intentional and turn off your notifications (airplane mode works) so you can focus. Figure out a time that will work for you, maybe it’s a weeknight (while your family has pizza night), a Sunday morning or some time that you block out of your work schedule.

Stop wasting time

Just stop wasting time, decide now to be intentional about how you spend your time, and hold yourself accountable. Figure out what your top time wasters are and work toward creating new habits. If you always waste time scrolling Facebook at bedtime, put your phone across the room and read a book instead. If you get overwhelmed and binge watch Netflix, take time for self-care instead. Time doing activities that nourish you and fill you up will keep you inspired and motivated to jump back into your classes.

Does this mean we should never relax and watch a movie or just hang out on the social sites? No way, everyone needs down time, but it shouldn’t interfere or prevent you from reaching your full potential. This takes self reflection, checking in and a commitment to living your life with intention. You know in your soul, if you are wasting time, procrastinating, or resisting or if you are taking a break, or rewarding yourself for working hard.

Be ok with being different

If you want more success than the “average” person, you’ll need to do things differently than average people! This might mean less socializing, less knowing what’s going on in popular culture, and less reacting. It might mean more creativity for how you spend your time, even those little bits like waiting in line, riding in the car, and when “normal” people are relaxing. It feels so amazing to use your time intentionally each day, you will soon not care what anyone thinks.

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