One-on-One Coaching with Gael


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Coaching sessions now available with Gael for your massage or spa business.

This package includes TWO 45 minute coaching sessions to focus on any area of your choosing! We can plan your holiday promotions, review your website pages, your 2020 marketing, getting things automated in your business (think email newsletters), upleveling your confidence or any topics of your choosing.

  • Mindset: Including your daily routines, getting OUT of your comfort zone, confidence and accountability
  • Money: Your current money reality, your current living situation and how to get to where you want to be!
  • Marketing: Your marketing plan, website and marketing materials content , social media posts and promotions, Email marketing, EFFECTIVE scarcity tactics and how to price your services and products

EVERYTHING STARTS FROM WITHIN and with the right support, YOU can create a life and business that you LOVE!