Gift Certificate Sales Mastery

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Get ready for Gift Certificate sales season, set your goals, and reach them with this online class.

Gift Certificate sales mean new clients on your table, clients that will probably rebook, and refer their friends and family. Many massage therapists have “gift certificates available” but smart therapists have a marketing plan and know that gift certificate sales can be a significant source of income and new client, without discounting. Imagine checking your email and realizing you made sales while you were sleeping! That is a great feeling.

You probably started a massage business to help people with pain relief and relaxation, not to be a full-time marketer. Building your business with gift certificate sales can help you spend more time in the treatment room and less time worrying if the phone will ring. Plus, you will be helping your existing clients with their holiday shopping, nobody wants to give another kitchen gadget or scarf…

I've sold up to $11,000 in Gift Certificates in one holiday season, by just doing a few simple marketing tasks, and you can too! A solo therapist selling 25-50 gift certificates and retaining new clients can earn $2,000-$3000 this holiday season plus income that adds up over time.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to suggest and sell Gift Certificates to your existing clients without being pushy
  • The best way to promote your services as The Perfect Gift
  • Unique packaging and presentation tips that will increase sales, and make your Gift Certificates the “go to” gift
  • How to create high value specials that will SELL
  • Simple and effective marketing and networking tips to maximize your Gift Certificate sales
  • Get your plan together, start marketing, and have the best gift certificate season ever!

When not offered as a standalone course, Gift Certificate Sales Mastery is included in the Massage and Spa Success Membership. Read more.

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