Spa & Skincare Content Club

$19.95 / month

Marketing your skincare business just got easier!

Spa memes? Facebook spa posts? Spa and skincare newsletter and blog articles? Spa and skincare ad copy? Who has time to come up with all that!

When you own a business, you wear a lot of hats; therapist, receptionist, bookkeeper, housekeeper, and marketing department. It’s hard to keep up! Well I have good news, I can help you with one of those, and sorry it’s not scrubbing the bathrooms. 🙂

How would you like to have marketing content done for you and ready to go each month? You’ll be able to concentrate on what you do best, SPA SERVICES!

What exactly do you get in the The Spa & Skincare Content Club?

Each monthly package of done-for-you spa marketing content includes:

  • Three newsletter articles about a spa or skincare topic, you can send these out in email, print them, and use them for fresh blog posts. $225 value
  • Three ads you can use to get clients in the door, these ads that will sell the benefits and results of coming to see you! $47 Value
  • 15 Spa Memes (aka Social Media Images) plus all current holiday images,  you can add your info to these and post them on social media, add to your newsletter and use on your website. $100 ++ value
  • Additional content to send in extra newsletters, post on your social networks and use in any way you want. This will include healthy recipes, stretches, spa recipes, fun spa or skincare facts, and health tips. $75 Value
  • Facebook Cover Images $40 Value
  • Facebook Ad Images $25 Value
  • PLUS great tutorials and training videos to help get you started with your marketing content.
  • Total Value of OVER $400 per month!! Your Price: only $19.95 per month. 

Natural Beauty happens by appointment, spa memeConsistency is key to marketing! Did you know a potential client needs to see your information 5-12 times before they call? With this program you will be able to get great content out to your list, and social media every day. Take my content, add your personal touches and hit send! It doesn’t get much easier.

It would take you HOURS to create all this yourself, but, I’ll do all of this for you for ONLY $19.95 a month. This is a month to month subscription, if you no longer need new content, you can unsubscribe at any time. If you need spa clients in the door, you cannot afford to miss out on this.

If you don’t want to wait each month for your next package, check out the All-Access Spa & Skincare Marketing Content Club!

Spa and skincare meme: "Exfoliate for Fall Beauty"

For content to promote massage therapy check out the Massage Marketing Content Club.

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