Spa Start-Up Essentials 12 CE Online Course Bundle

$418.00 $127.00

12 NCBTMB approved massage continuing education hours. Does your state accept this class? Check the NCBTMB MAP HERE


The Spa Start-Up Essentials Bundle includes:

  • Spa Masterclass 3 CE Online Course $67 value
  • Massage Enhancements Your Clients Will Love 6 CE Online Course $97 value
  • Making Your Own Spa Products 3 CE Online Course $47 value
  • Marketing  Bonus 10 social media images, 3 blog articles for promoting spa services, spa menu swipe files $140 value
  • $20 Coupon save on future online courses $20 value
  • Spa Services Marketing Webinar Replay of live training and Q&A $47 value


Spa Masterclass 3 CE Online Course

Add full-length spa services to your ​wellness ​practice!

Even if you don’t currently run your own business, these services can help you land a better job, or earn more where you currently work. Imagine more variety in your day, giving your body a break from deep tissue massage, and bigger paychecks!

You may be thinking, that you’ve tried doing spa services, but nobody really books them! I know how you feel, and this can happen for several reasons. You may not be offering the right services for your clients, or you may need help with exactly how to position and SELL your spa services.

Learn New Services, Create Your Plan, Implement & Grow Your Business!

Video Spa Classes Includes:

  • Easy Natural No-Shower Body Wraps using aloe, herbs, and essential oils.
  • Skin Smoothing Body Scrubs, and no mess exfoliation with a body brush or loofah.
  • Rejuvenating Face and Scalp Massage Treatments
  • Specialty Services for Hands and Feet

In addition to the videos you will receive a printable step by step workbook for each service. Workbooks includes a supply checklist, complete service protocol and educational material on benefits and contraindications.

Business Lessons Include:

  • Pricing for Profits Workshop
  • Service Menu Creation & Swipe Files
  • Marketing and Creating Specials 

Can you afford NOT to invest in this opportunity? Start NOW,  learning the new skills that you will use for the rest of your career.

Upon completion, you will be able to take an online quiz to earn your 3 NCBTMB Approved Massage CE Certificate

Massage Enhancements Your Clients Will Love 6 CE Online Course

Massage Enhancements are a wonderful additions to your already terrific massages for a perfect combination of relaxation, therapy, and pampering.

You don’t have to be an expert in spa services to add these money making services to your menu. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in Massage Enhancements Your Clients Will Love!

These are the services I have used in my 20 years as a Massage Therapist, Esthetician, and Spa Owner. I’ve trained dozens of therapists just like you.

Fact: The average annual income of a Massage Therapist in the US as reported by the American Massage Therapy Association is only $21,028 per year. You and I both know that’s not enough to live comfortably on.

Fact: Clients are looking for these pampering, health enhancing services. According to the International Spa Association spa visits last year in the US increased to 160 million and the average guest spent 87 dollars per visit. That’s 1.4 BILLION dollars!

If you’re not offering spa services like these, you are missing out!

  • Your clients will LOVE and pay more for these stress-busting treatments
  • You will be able to create new services unique to your business
  • Your business will stand out from the competition
  • You’ll enjoy the new variety of services
  • You will be able to stop discounting your services and add value instead
  • You’ll be able to earn even more if you choose to retail the products you use
  • You don’t have to do them all, just add a little at a time if you need to.
  • How much you charge/earn is up to you!

You get all this:

  • Detailed video instructions on how to do 11 Enhancement Services
  • Complete instructions for a new 50 minute service
  • 25 ways to market your new services
  • 8 New services you can offer by combining Enhancements with Massage
  • Handy quick notes you can print for your treatment room
  • Simple spa recipes to help get you started
  • Resource guide to help you find products and save money
  • Downloadable Ebook “Massage Enhancements Your Clients Will Love” by Gael Wood

Upon completion, you will be able to practice three different types of six massage enhancements and submit them online to earn your 6 NCBTMB Approved Massage CE Certificate.

“Her back is very tight and achy, and the mud with the warm towels really dug into her muscles and loosened everything up for me so when I got to the massaging part it was easier to get deeper into her muscles along her spine that really bother her. It was actually easier on me in the long run. I really liked how easy the mud was to apply too.” –Massage Enhancements Therapist

“Her feet were extremely dry and had dead skin. She is a cosmetologist, so her hands and fingers also get very dry. The paraffin wax did wonders on her dead skin. I was actually shocked! She didn’t think the wax was going to help her feet, but it did and she is hooked. She said while the wax was on she could feel her dry skin softening.” –CJ, Massage Therapist

Making Your Own Spa Products 3 CE Online Course

Making your own spa products is a fun and creative way to make sure you have great quality products and clean ingredients, offer nice extras with specials and gift cards, add something new to your menu of services, and add an extra income stream to your practice!

You will learn to create:

  • Bath Bombs or Fizzies
  • Sugar & Salt Scrubs
  • Body Butter
  • Bath Salts
  • Lip Balm

Creating body butter

What you get:

  • Two video lessons with recipes, tips, live demonstration, and marketing ideas
  • Spa products recipes
  • “DIY Gifts with Eseential Oils”
  • “Getting Started with Aromatherapy”

Upon completion, you will be able to make three of your very own spa products and take an online quiz to earn your 3 NCBTMB Approved Massage CE Certificate

Earn a Grand Total of 12 NCBTMB Approved Online Massage Continuing Education Units!



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