Teaching Infant Massage to New Parents and Community Groups

$97.00 $67.00

Learn to Teach Infant Massage!

What could be more rewarding than helping new parents bond with their babies through sharing the gift of touch. <3

You can teach infant massage to pregnant couples, new parents classes at your local hospital, health department or community center, at your office or at a home visit. 🙂

Being a new parent is STRESSFUL and infant massage is a great way to sooth a fussy baby, play with baby, and develop a loving bonding routine.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to find and approach groups in your community to teach infant massage, boost your expert status and help new families!
  • How to offer infant massage in your office to new parents.
  • An overview of an infant massage class with full routine, and hand outs that you can use to teach your class.


  • Benefits of infant massage blog post for your website, newsletter or printed materials $75 Value
  • Infant Massage Class Handouts & Routine $100 Value
  • Done for you Sales Flyer and Swipe Copy  $99 Value
  • Sample letter of introduction to get your classes booked $50 Value
  • Beautiful Professional Promotional Images $50 Value
  • Demo video of infant massage on a doll!

This class is a replay of the live webinar.