I want to share my favorite free massage resources and books with you!!

Free Money Blocks Webinar

Money blocks–those bedeviling obstacles to our prosperity and abundance–are really common in the healing professions!! Work on yours with these free resources from my friend Denise Duffield Thomas.

Manifesting Course – Free Video Series

Manifesting Formula by Denise Thomas

Another great course from Denise.

Blogging & Biz Star Workshop

This is how I got started with my online teaching practice and multiple revenue streams! Grab your own copy of the FREE Blogging & Biz Star Workshop to find out:

Blogging and Biz Star Workshop by Leonie Dawson

  • How to get a super profitable business super quickly
  • 7 ways to get 20 000 blog readers
  • How to have a one million dollar idea
  • Tips, tools + tricks to garnering a HUGE audience
  • How to charge for your stuff (the question EVERYONE asks!)
  • How to make lots of gorgeous abundance online using your creative + soulful gifts
  • and how to not go bonkerdoodles & (OMG!) have glorious fun as you do it!

More FREE goodies from Leonie Dawson like Creating a Mini Retreat!

Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils

Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils currently has over 90 single oils and 50 blends. They are in 15ml. bottles and contain no additives or carrier oils to dilute them. All are of 100% therapeutic, genuine, authentic, plant derived and unadulterated essential oils from the best distillers around the world.

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