2018 Massage and Spa Resource Bundle


Sale Ends December 29, 2018

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2018 Massage & Spa Resource Bundle

The 2018 Massage and Spa Resource Bundle is Back for the Last Time Ever!

Don’t miss out on this collection of Online Classes, CE’s, Ebooks and Bonuses brought to you by 11 leaders and educators from the massage, spa and marketing professions at a dramatic savings of over 90% off.

This Bundle is designed to give you the skills and resources you need to succeed.

What if you could learn from qualified experts, instead of trying to sift through ALL of the information on Google, or asking in online groups…..

What if you had solid, trustworthy information and practical ideas for marketing, mindset, money mindset, self care, new money making services, expert rebooking and more?

Get it all PLUS 13 CE credits in the 2018 Massage and Spa Resource Bundle December 27-29, 2018 for only $49.95!

It’s time for a change. Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to reach your goals!

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A $1,000+ Value
Your Price Only $49.95!

Get It Before It’s Gone. Sale Ends December 29, 2018 US Eastern time.

What’s Included in the Bundle?

Perfectly Booked 10-Day 3 CE Course

Perfectly Booked Ten Day 3 CE Course

Gael Woodfrom Gael Wood
$97 value NCBTMB Approved Online CE Course

Learn EXACTLY how to rebook massage or spa clients!

Are you struggling to build up your massage or spa practice? Do you wish clients would rebook effortlessly without an awkward conversation that leaves you feeling “salesy”? If this is you, I can help!

260 Extremely Practical Ways to Grow Your Massage Practice by Eric Brown

260 Extremely Practical Ways to Build Your Massage Practice

Eric Brownfrom Eric Brown
$99 value
 Online Course

Having a full practice is the number one concern among massage therapists. So I asked my BodyworkBiz subscribers to send me their best practice building tips.

I wanted to know the one thing they did that shifted their practice dramatically. Furthermore, I asked them whenever possible to provide me with specific details and and to outline their results in dollars and cents. I threw away more than 40% of the submissions I received.

Carpal Tunnel Relief 6 CE Course from Robert Gardner

Carpal Tunnel Relief 6 CE Course

Robert Gardnerfrom Robert Gardner
$97 value
NCBTMB Approved Online CE Course

In this 6 hour class we show you how to effectively work on arm and hand pain effortlessly on a table, mat and how to work on your own hands and arms to prevent strain during massage. This is a detailed course that walks you through the basics in whatever your practice, whether spa or private massage practice.

Sports Taping Academy with Tim Cooper

Sports Taping Academy

Tim Cooperfrom Tim Cooper
$47 value Online Course

This Step-by-Step Guide Shows You Everything You Need To Know To Safely And Proficiently Strap An Ankle, Thumb & Finger…

Are you a Massage Therapist or other health professional looking to introduce new services to your clients?

Sports taping is a valuable real world skill that anybody can learn. Whether you just want to help out at your local sports club or are looking at a career in sports, this comprehensive, easy to follow course will guide you through everything you need to know to tape an ankle, thumb and finger.

How to Create a Video Business Card with Kevin Anson

How to Create a Video Business Card with Kevin Anson

Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Speakerfrom The Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit
$39 value Webinar

Video is an amazing way to promote your business. There are many types of videos, from talking head (you looking into the camera and talking), screen share, slideshow, and live streaming just to name a few. In this presentation Kevin Anson will walk you through how to create a video business card and why these types of videos are so rewarding.

Kevin Anson is a video expert, producing videos for Fortune 500 companies and Russell Brunson of Click Funnels, and teaching entrepreneurs just like you.

Making Your Own Spa Products 3 CE Online Course

Making Your Own Spa Products 3 CE Course

Gael Woodfrom Gael Wood
$47 value NCBTMB Approved Online CE Course

Making your own spa products is a fun and creative way to make sure you have great quality products and clean ingredients, offer nice extras with specials and gift cards, add something new to your menu of services, and add an extra income stream to your practice!

This Is Your Last Chance

Flash Sale Ends December 29, 2018.

But wait. There’s even more.

Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Success Series Three EBook Bundle

$27 value Ebook Bundle

Based on selected presentation transcripts from the 2018 summit these books address common issues wellness professionals, just like you, encounter on a regular basis.

Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Success Book Series Bonuses

Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Success Book Series Bonuses

$79 value Webinar Bundle

Success Mindset Panel Discussion – 83 minutes with industry experts on maintaining a success mindset

How to Build a Many Chat Booking Request Messenger Bot – Kristie Melling walks you through the simple steps of automating client booking using a Facebook messenger bot.

The Affordable Marketing Strategies Discussion Panel – 64 minutes with industry experts Felicia Brown, Vicki Marsh, Robert Norberciak and Cath Cox on their real-world experience with what marketing strategies that worked best.

Building Your Foundation for Awesome Facebook Ads with Delight Iverson

Building Your Foundation for Awesome Facebook Ads with Delight Iverson

Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit Speakerfrom The Global Wellness Professionals Marketing Summit
$49 value Webinar

Are you thinking about trying out some Facebook ads for your business? Facebook ads are great!

However, you don’t want to dive straight in and spend money without getting clear on your strategy first! Join Delight for this session where she will walk you through the foundations that you need to have in place for success BEFORE you give Facebook any of your hard-earned money.

MT Life Hacks: Using Tools in Your Massage Practice

MT Life Hacks: Using Tools in Your Massage Practice

Bethany Reedfrom Bethany Reed
$47 value Webinar

In this video, Bethany discusses the concept of tools, its benefits and drawbacks, and how it impacts massage therapists on a daily basis. She’ll also share some of the tools made by Perfect Pockets and explain how they’ve made her job easier.

Marketing Triple Shot: Three Keys to Massage Business Success from Felicia Brown

Marketing Triple Shot: Three Keys to Massage and Wellness Business Success

Felicia Brownfrom Felicia Brown
$39.95 value Webinar Bundle

Whether you are new to being in practice or business or a seasoned professional, this three-part course will help you prepare for the best year ever. In the first video, Envision Your Success, you’ll get the clarity you need to determine what you want in your business. In the second, Attract Ideal Clients, you’ll learn some fun and easy ways to attract new clients to your practice. The third video, Make Every Touch Positive, will shed light on how to make the best impression possible on everyone you work with.

Feng Shui Your Money with Patricia Missakian

Feng Shui Your Money

Patricia Massikianfrom Patricia Missakian
$99 value
 Online Course

Learn to shift your relationship with money. Find the missing ingredient and combine the practical side with the energetic side of money!

Do ONE Thing by Felicia Brown

Do ONE Thing: Simple Strategies for Success ebook

Felicia Brownfrom Felicia Brown
$14.95 value Ebook

Start the year off right by getting clear on what you want to have, do and be in your practice.

A $1,000+ Value – Only $49.95!

Sale ends December 29, 2018. This is the last time the Bundle will be offered.

And it doesn’t stop here.
There’s more.

The Ethics of Working with People with Cancer 1.5 CE Course

The Ethics of Working with People with Cancer 1.5 CE Course

Laura Allenfrom Laura Allen
NCBTMB Approved Online CE Course

Our clients who are dealing with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses, as well as their caregivers, require that we pay special attention not only to our practice of massage therapy, but also to the Code of Ethics.

Easy Peasy WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Blog Maintenance Checklist

Renee Shupefrom Renee Shupe
$17 value
 Digital Checklist

You don’t know what you don’t know & WordPress Maintenance Can Overwhelm! Get the Easy Peasy WordPress Maintenance Checklist. This easy to follow checklist gives you all the steps you need to keep your WordPress website well maintained.

How to Get Unstuck with Daphne Wells

How to Get Unstuck

Daphne Wellsfrom Daphne Wells
$47 value
Webinar and Checklist

Know when you’re stuck and how to get unstuck.

Included: video presentation, handout, email series with prompts and reminders.

Writing to Sell in Your Massage or Spa Business

Writing to Sell: It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Gael Woodfrom Gael Wood
$97 value

How would you like to attract your ideal dream clients that you love working with, who value you and value what you do?

Of course you would! Clients who aren’t the right clients for us are draining, they ask for discounts, don’t show up, and we really don’t enjoy working with them. Am I right?

Massage Client Intake Forms by Tim Cooper

Professional Client Intake and Reporting Forms

Tim Cooperfrom Tim Cooper
$27 value
 PDF Digital Forms

Beautifully designed, done for you client intake & reporting forms

Instagram Marketing for Massage and Spa

Instagram Marketing for Massage and Spa Therapists

Gael Woodfrom Gael Wood
$47 value

“Instagram is now seeing 15x more engagement than Facebook and 20x more than Twitter.” QuickSprout.com

Are you using Instagram for marketing your business?  Instagram is a great place for small business owners to connect with local ideal clients, and it’s FUN!

But that’s not all…

You Get These Bonuses!

Content Club image examples

Join the Content Club for $5

Gael Woodfrom Gael Wood
$22 value
 Massage & Spa Marketing Content Subscription

Save $22 on your first month! Marketing your massage or skincare business just got easier with done-for-you images, memes, blog articles, links to share, healthy recipes, gift certificate templates, holiday images, and more!

PLUS, when you join, you get my Email Marketing Training for FREE!

Geek in Your Pocket - Managing Your WordPress Site with a Personal Touch

Geek In Your Pocket Free Trial

Renee Shupefrom Renee Shupe
$39 value

You have better things to do than figure out what’s wrong with your website….
Getting your own Geek in Your Pocket will free you up to do what you do best, shine for your clients.  You don’t need to have your head inside your website, you need your own Geek in Your Pocket! Get a free trial with the Massage and Spa Resource Bundle.

Painless Price Increases from Eric Brown

Painless Price Increases

Eric Brownfrom Eric Brown
$19.95 value

Are you working hard, but just not making enough money? Have you considered raising your session fees, but decided against it for fear of losing clients? Are you aware that your rates are underpriced, but nervous to ask clients to pay what you’re worth? Raising your rates is an easy (and obvious) way to increase your income, and the process isn’t as scary as you might think. This report details how I helped one massage therapist announce her price increase and make $3,000 within three weeks.

Akashic Records Institute

50% Off Live Weekly Akashic Healing Sessions

Patricia Massikianfrom Patricia Missakian
$50/monthly value

By clearing blocks and healing woundings you are free to establish and maintain better boundaries in your life and business which will allow you to experience a greater level of intuitive clarity and alignment so you can take inspired action in your life. This will allow you create more money while building a balanced abundant life for yourself!

Perfect Pockets Plus

Spend $150 on a Custom Order and Receive a FREE Relaxation Bundle (Neck Pack & Eye Pack)

Bethany Reedfrom Bethany Reed, Perfect Pockets Plus
$30 value
Physical product

Contact Us for Custom-Crafted Massage Holsters and Hot/Cold Therapy Packs at Perfect Pockets PLUS. We guarantee that all our products are durable and comfortable to wear—perfect for your daily massage therapy sessions.

We provide one-on-one service for every order. Place a custom order valued at $150 or more and recieve a free neck pack and eye pack. See more at www.perfectpocketsplus.com.


The Reboot Insiders Club from Robert Gardner

Join the Reboot Insiders Club for $1, Renew for $7/month!

Robert Gardnerfrom Robert Gardner
A great value
Massage Membership

As a special offer we’re allowing you access to our 200+ hour subscription service for $1 for your first month then $7/month after that. Our subscription has information on table based massage mat based bodywork plus social media and marketing information to help your business thrive. After you subscribe you’ll gain access to our private facebook group to ask more questions and get answers. This is an unprecedented value and we continue to upload new content each week

50% Off 60 Minute Individual Coaching

Felicia Brownwith Felicia Brown
$96 value Coaching

As a special incentive to get you moving forward on your goals, attracting new clients and making every “touch” positive, I’m offering special pricing on individual Business & Marketing Coaching sessions (1st time clients only please). This session – done by phone or Skype – will provide you with immediate ideas and solutions for your biggest goals or problems. Read more about my coaching here. 

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Flash Sale Ends December 29, 2018.

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