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  • Making Your Own Spa Products 3 CE Online Course

    Making Your Own Spa Products 3 CE Online Course

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Spa & Skincare Marketing Content Club from Gael Wood

The Massage & Spa Marketing Content Clubs

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The Massage Marketing Content Club from Gael Wood

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  • 6 Week Spa Masterclass

    6 Week Spa Masterclass

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  • Holiday Marketing Bundle with Gift Certificate Sales Mastery and Holiday Marketing Content

  • Holiday Marketing Bundle

    Holiday Massage and Spa Marketing Bundle

  • Learn to Teach Couples Massage Online Workshop from Gael Wood

    Learn to Teach Couples Massage Online Course

  • Massage & Spa Business Webinar Bundle

    Massage & Spa Business Webinar Bundle

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    New Massage & Spa Client Attraction Boot Camp

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  • Teaching Infant Massage

    Teaching Infant Massage to New Parents and Community Groups

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The Thriving Therapist Mastermind!

Thriving Therapist Mastermind

Get the practical business skills, marketing  ideas, and support to make your massage or spa calling into the successful business you dream of!

This program will close June 1, 2019. Join now for $197 for 6 months and get all the courses as a pdf download.

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Praise for Gael Wood Massage & Spa Success

Gael has put together an amazing amount of information for massage therapists Whether you’re just starting out (like I was), or whether you’ve been in the industry a while, this membership is a fantastic resource. I’m a mobile massage therapist in Melbourne, Australia, and I started my business in July 2015. When I started out I often had days with absolutely no bookings and I felt stuck and overwhelmed with where to start building my business. My Massage Spa Success Membership helped me get out of my slump and back on track, with a growing client base who rebook! The courses cover all aspects of marketing, social media, planning, extra services, gift vouchers, how to attract clients and how to keep them. Every day there is something new to implement, and this stuff is so practical. The Facebook group is a huge resource too, a supportive, friendly group with so much knowledge to share with each other. It’s nice to know we’re not alone!Zoe Nicholson, Indigo Sea Massage Therapy
I am going to be doing a CE class at the end of June, over how to start your massage practice.  Last year, I took your 30 day marketing boot camp (part of the Thriving Therapist Mastermind), and I will be telling people about it, since it was instrumental in my development as a Private Business owner.  This class is just barely touching the basics with how to start a business, but not getting in depth the way your boot camp did.  I also want to thank you for what you have done, videos, challenges and all that jazz.  It really helped me. Last year I did the Marketing Bootcamp and it took me almost 4 months to complete it.  My 5 year goal was to quit my job and be fully independent. I hit my 5 year goal this next week. My last day working for someone else is next Wednesday and I will be fully independent and a business owner.  You were one of the sparks that lit the fire, and I couldn’t be more grateful!Elanor Sung, Massage Therapist
Before taking this course, I was failing. My business was barely keeping me above water. I was constantly stressed about how I was going to pay the next bill. Since taking the Marketing and Mindset Bootcamp (part of the Thriving Therapist Mastermind), my business has grown! My website is maintaining new, unique visitors weekly. My weekly client base has DOUBLED! This group has continually helped to challenge me and changed my thinking with marketing myself. Gael is an AMAZING leader! She demands a lot of her students. She keeps a really good pace in the teachings. She is so open and willing to share her experience and knowledge. She opens doors in your mind and gives confidence and ideas to grow yourself. Not only as a person, but also as a business owner! Even though bootcamp is completed, I am still growing! I love her Facebook group. Everyone in the group is open and willing to help with questions and “road blocks”. I have found so much value in this bootcamp. It is definately worth the investment of your time and money. You WILL grow. You WILL be better. Your BUSINESS will explode!!! Thank you so much Gael for helping me save my business.Laura Hickman, Tender Elements Massage

Having massage marketing content ready to use makes massage business easier!

Yes it does and i was busy working on handouts for my couples workshop when your email happened to arrive with a sale no less so of course i listen to the universe and purchased your package which is everything i could have asked for. I literally was making canva advertisments and handouts on the benefits of massage and basic strokes. So when i downloaded all the content i just thought how much easier will this be? Ahhhhhhh so thankful. And it just reaffirms to me im on the right path and im pretty damn good at creating content myself. I may be onto a new career path!Instagram Fan
I followed all of your advice Gael and WOW this has helped tremendous. I have got more likes, shares and even bookings where before I was using my Facebook page to advertise my offers I am now sharing different topics which clients absolutely love, quotes etc., and the response has been tremendous this absolutely works. Thanks again Gael.Sharon Brown, UK
I have almost doubled my business in the last three to four weeks.Content Club Member
Just started your content club today and already really enjoying it! Now I want to move all my clients to next week and focus on creating!Content Club Member
Thank you to Gael and all of you who share your thoughts, journal entrees and failures/successes here… it has been a huge confidence boost for me even in our one week of bootcamp alone. I sold my very first series today and it was so exciting. I would have been too shy to even bring it up just a few weeks ago. I hope we can all build each other up and stay inspired for the duration of our class. May we all have celebrations everyday, knowing we are learning so much valuable information. Thank you again!!Thriving Therapist Mastermind Member
This Boot Camp (part of the Thriving Therapist Mastermind) will help you recognize what you have been missing to promote your beautiful massage business. With her simple, step-by-step guidance, Gael Wood will get you moving on marketing in ways that resonate with you and your unique business. And Boot Camp is a phenomenal value. Packed with content all at a great price. I highly recommend you get on board.Pamela Herrick, Thai Massage Therapist, Teacher and Writer, Bamboo Thai Massage
Gael and Katy, and the rest of this group, I just want to say, you are all amazing. Everyone’s ideas and support is great! This is one of the most beneficial groups I’m in currently and one of the best packages I’ve bought. Thank you.Gift Certificate Sales Mastery LIVE graduate
Gael, I keep meaning to message to thank you for the quality packages you have put together. One of my ‘inside’ goals is to go through your packages more completely, checkout out articles, etc. I am very pleased with my purchase of this content club–you’ve put together a lot of quality products to be able to use. Thank you so much.Content Club Member
I just want to say “Thank you” again! This bootcamp has changed my business. I am busier now that I have been in a really long time. I am still behind (financially) and broke, but I am getting caught back up! It is GREAT to be able to pay the bills AND have the money to invest back into my business. Or allow the kiddo to grab something she wants at the store. Thank you so much!!2017 Boot Camp Graduate
I need to run over and hug you Gael! Today is Day 1 after setting my goal of making $5K this month. I’m motivated to make it happen. Met a new client today and because I listed my $500 package of 8 massages (which I would not have done before this 10K group) he bought that package. He gets massages every 2 weeks and really liked my massage. Thank You Gael for making this fun and bringing us your enthusiastic energy. Xoxo10K Club for Massage Therapists Member
I need to crunch numbers… But I think I have doubled my weekly clients! I am definitely doing more laundry! Lol2017 Boot Camp Graduate, 2 weeks after graduation
So it’s only been a couple of days so far but I’m already starting to see the benefits. My Facebook ads are getting more interaction than when I was making them myself. I don’t have a website anymore just Facebook and made an instagram yesterday. My goal is 3 posts a day so today I’ll be creating a paid ad to promote my book now button in addition to creating an image with my prices on them and a summer promotion yet to be determined. 😬 Super excited!2017 Content Club Member
Love all of the courses wish I could do them all!! I have already done about 4 of her courses before and have worked tremendously well in my business and I would highly recommend Gael Wood Massage and Spa Success to anybody. At the moment I am going back over Spa Parties one that I did last year to refresh my memory.Sharon Digby, Massage Therapist
I debated joining the Massage and Spa Therapist Success Membership Group for a few weeks before finally joining […] I’m so glad I did. There is a wealth of information and courses for those just setting up their practices and more seasoned practitioners like myself. I wanted to update my website to make it more attractive to my ideal clients and there is a course for that. Although I’ve had a business facebook page for a few years, I didn’t need to know how to set it up there are ideas on how to make my page more effective. […] The Perfectly Booked class has given me many fresh ideas for marketing. In addition she also has a monthly webinar which is very helpful. There is also a private members group where you can get feedback about any ideas you may have or support when you need it. If you have a massage practice or are just starting out and would like help with your marketing I can highly recommend the Massage and Spa Therapist Success Membership Group.Carole Hodges The Fragrant Bridge