Four Tips to Boost Sales: Spa and Massage Gift Certificates

Spa and Massage Gift Certificates are not only the perfect gift, they are one of the best ways to boost sales and expand your client base! Let's look at these top tips for boosting gift certificate sales: 1. Think about who will be buying you gift certificates and target you marketing to them. These are not necessarily people who would…

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Massage Business Plan Checklist

Use this to help create your monthly budget, so you don’t forget anything. If you are planning a new massage business use this checklist as you work on your massage business plan and budget. Obviously not every business will have all of these! THIS is the main reason I have moved over to an outcall practice, but I know that…


Rescheduling massage clients, three tips to help build your business!

Three Massage Client Rescheduling Tips for Massage and Spa Therapists Rescheduling massage clients is a huge part of building your business and income. I hope these tips help! 1. Make sure your clients are absolutely comfortable in your massage space. Clients often cite things that have nothing to do with their massage for the reason they don't reschedule. Be sure…

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Is Retail Right for You & Your Massage Business?

Have you been thinking about adding retail products to your massage business? Some things you might want to keep in mind; the setting that you work in, the amount of people traffic that will see your products, and how comfortable you are with selling. Where you work has a lot do with determining whether or not retail sales will work…


Massage Therapists, are you HIPAA compliant? Do you need to be? Find out here.

Are MT’s required to be HIPAA compliant?Here’s the final definitive answer!! Are you ready?...........It depends. There are several factors to consider when figuring out if you and/or your business need to be HIPAA compliant. Here is some info from the website. Are You a Covered Entity? “The Administrative Simplification standards adopted by Health and Human Services (HHS) under the…